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Teton Data Systems

OCLC works with Teton Data Systems to automatically add and maintain your knowledge base collection data. Get WorldCat records, holdings, and full-text links for content from Teton Data Systems.


If you need access to Collection Manager (the Metadata tab in the WorldShare interface), follow the steps to Create a Collection Manager account.

An OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Subscription is required for record delivery from the collections listed below. If your library does not have a subscription, see Options for libraries without a cataloging subscription.

Verify your collections have not been manually selected

If your institution has manually selected a collection in full, OCLC will not overwrite your selections. Before the initial load of holdings from your provider, we recommend that you verify that the collection has not been manually selected.

Verify that your collections have not been manually selected

Before the initial load of your collections, please:

  1. Sign in to the WorldShare interface at your library's WorldShare URL [Replace yourlibrary with your library's identifier].
  2. Navigate to Metadata > Collection Manager and locate the search box.
  3. Select Collections as the Data Type and All Collections as the Scope. Click Search.
  4. Once you have returned the collection in a search, perform one of the following:
    • If the collection is selected in FULL: You will need to deselect it. Our system will not be able to overwrite the collection with the title data directly from your provider. If you have holdings set in WorldCat, de-selecting the collection will remove these holdings. Holdings will be added after OCLC loads the collection (if WorldCat Holdings is enabled in Institution Settings)
    • If the collection is partially selected to reflect a subset of the titles available in the collections: The system will overwrite your title selections and collection data. If you want to preserve the title selections and collection data before OCLC overwrites it, do so before making a request for your collection to be loaded by OCLC. Within your collection, navigate to Titles > More Actions. Use the option to Download titles in local holdings and choose a format to download a spreadsheet of your title data
    • If the collection is NOT selected: Proceed to the instructions How to request automated collection loading

 Note: Once the holdings feed is set up, OCLC will select all applicable collections according to the data received from the vendor.  

Request collection loading

Collection names and IDs

There are many collections in the global WorldCat knowledge base. Use the collection data in the table to help you find the relevant collections.

Collection name(s) Collection ID(s) Demand-driven acquisition collections Frequency provider sends OCLC data
Stat!Ref teton.ebooks No Semanal

How to request automated collection loading

Either contact your Teton representative, or contact OCLC Support with the following message. Replace [xxx] with your information:

Please load my Teton collections.  My OCLC symbol is [xxx]. My Registry ID is [xxx].

See if your collection loaded

We recommend that you wait until your collection is available before you proceed so that all of the settings will be available in Collection Manager.

The amount of time it takes for your titles to be available depends on the timing of your request, how often your provider sends data, when OCLC loads the data, and the place of your institution's data in a queue. The time for the initial loading process varies from about one week to one month.

 Caution: Once you have requested to have your collections selected automatically, do not add, delete, or update any of the titles within the collection. If there is an issue with the titles selected or missing from your collection, please contact OCLC Support with examples.  

To see if your collection has loaded in the WorldShare interface:

  1. Sign in to the WorldShare interface at your library's WorldShare URL ( [Replace yourlibrary with your library's identifier]).
  2. Navigate to Metadata Collection Manager. Do one of the following:

Configurar los ajustes de la institución

Institution settings apply across all your collections. Use caution as changes might impact other collections. For complete instructions, see Institution Settings.

Vaya a la configuración de la institución:

  1. Sign in to the WorldShare interface at your library's WorldShare URL. Replace yourlibrary with your library's identifier:
  2. Vaya a Metadatos > Gestor de colecciones > Configuración de la institución.

Símbolo de OCLC

Verifique que su Símbolo de OCLC esté seleccionado

Collection Manager uses the symbol displayed here to maintain WorldCat holdings and to output records. Verify that your OCLC symbol is selected:

  1. Navigate to Institution Settings > OCLC Symbol.
  2. Select your OCLC symbol if it is available in the interface but is not selected. 
  3. Haga clic en Guardar.

Proxy y autenticación

Enter your proxy information

Collection Manager helps you manage patron access to materials by directing off-campus patrons through your proxy server. Collection Manager will prepend your proxy information to catalog links. Enter your proxy information:

  1. Navigate to Institution Settings > Proxy and Authentication > Proxy.
  2. Seleccione Proxy:
  • Ninguno (por defecto)
  • EZproxy
  • III WAM Proxy
  1. URL base
  • EZproxy users: Enter your Base URL. Example of a EZproxy base URL:
  • IIIWAM Proxy users: Enter the Hostname. Example of a III WAM Proxy hostname:

 Caution:  Do not include a space after the Base URL.


Activar los informes enviados por correo electrónico

Reports will be available via email around the time when files of records have been output and/or after there are changes to your holdings in WorldCat. Enable emailed reports:

  1. Navigate to Institution Settings > Reports.
  2. Select Yes to Receive Email Reports.
  3. Introduzca su autorización de catalogación o un código de administrador. Es un número de 9 cifras que empieza por 100. Sólo se necesita un código de autorización por institución.
  4. Select the Report Types you wish to receive. 
  5. Introduzca la (s) dirección(es) de correo electrónico a la(s) que se enviarán los informes. Si añade más de una dirección de correo electrónico, separe cada una de ellas con un punto y coma (;).
  6. Modifique el Formato del informe y Recibir como configuración si es necesario.
  7. Haga clic en Guardar.

For more information, see Reports.

Configuración del proveedor

Enter your provider-specific identifier for links

Some providers require an ID. Enter your identifier:

  1. Navigate to Institution Settings > Provider Settings.
  2. Seleccione su proveedor en la lista desplegable.
  3. Enter the identifier from your provider.

Choose the instructions that apply to your needs

Get WorldCat MARC records

Record delivery is available both to libraries with and to libraries without an OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Subscription.

Enable MARC record delivery in the institution settings

  1. Navigate to Settings > MARC Records.
  2. Select Yes for Enable MARC Record Delivery.

Once you enable record delivery, tabs of settings will appear: Customize Records, WorldCat Updates, Record Delivery, Cataloging Partner Options. You can leave the default settings or customize your records. By default, the following will be included in your records:

Customize your record profile (optional)

Define customizations that will apply across your collections in the Customize Records tab. For additional information, see Configure institution MARC Records settings for knowledge base collections.

Default and frequently defined record customization

By default, the following fields and data will be included in your records:

  • 049 $a: Holding library code (For example: MAIN)
  • 590 $a: Provider Name
  • 590 $b: Collection Name

Frequently defined record customization:

Delete Fields:

  • 029

Add Fields:

  • 945 $a: Transaction Type – New, Updated, Deleted
  • 740 $a: Collection-level notes. Note: If you map collection-level notes to a field in your records, remember to add a note within one or more of your collections.

Knowledge Base Collection 856 Field:

  • Add Subfield: z
  • Enter Free Form Text: Click here for access (Your 856 links will include $zClick here for access)

Enable collection-level record setting

  1. Search for the collection and open it. Expand the Holdings and MARC Records accordion.

  2. Choose Use institution setting: [Your institution settings will be displayed here].

After you enable record delivery in the collection, you will see the following tabs of settings: Customize Records, Record Delivery. You can leave the default settings or configure collection-level settings.

Configure collection-level settings (optional)

Define collection-level settings if desired. Listed below are some frequently used settings. For additional information, see Enable record delivery within your collection.

Configure separate file delivery

Many libraries choose to have their file of records delivered in a separate file. To configure separate file delivery:

  1. Click on the Record Delivery tab and find the Delivery File Output settings. Select Deliver records for this collection in a separate file.
  2. Enter a name to help you recognize your file. The file name will follow a format such as: metacoll.[XXX].new.D20160214.T210512.[YourFileName].1.mrc
Exclude records which already have holdings set in WorldCat

Este ajuste actúa como un filtro para excluir de la entrega de registros los títulos en los que ha establecido existencias mediante algún proceso fuera de Gestor de colecciones.

Por defecto, recibirá un conjunto completo de registros para los títulos de la colección. Su lote inicial de registros tendrá un registro por cada título. La configuración por defecto es:

  • Incluir nuevos registros ya existentes en WorldCat (por defecto)

Si no desea registros para materiales de los que ya tiene existencias en WorldCat, puede optar por que esos títulos no se entreguen en registros. Cambie la configuración a No incluir registros ya incluidos en World Cat y sólo recibirá registros que no tengan ya su participación adjunta en WorldCat.

 Nota: Si elige que no se impriman los registros de los títulos que ya tiene en WorldCat, le recomendamos que vuelva a cambiar esta configuración a "Include new records already held in WorldCat" después de recibir su primera entrega.

Troubleshoot MARC record delivery
  1. Are the correct number of titles selected in your collections?
    • Once the holdings feed has been processed, the correct number of titles should be selected within one week. Do not select the collection manually unless explicitly directed to do so.  Selecting the collections manually will result in a significant delay in processing of your holdings feed.
  2. Have you enabled MARC records at the institution level?
    • Navigate to Collection Manager > Settings > MARC Records and ensure the Enable MARC Records Delivery option is set to Yes.
  3. Have you enabled MARC record delivery within the collection?
    • Navigate to the collection and expand Holdings and MARC Records.  Ensure that the Enable MARC Record Delivery option is set to Use institution settings.
  4. Is the delivery frequency for record delivery set to daily?
    • Remember that delivery frequency can be set per collection and this collection-level setting will override the institution-level delivery frequency set under Collection Manager > Settings. If you set your collection to Weekly or Monthly record delivery, then they will have to wait for your first delivery.  If you change delivery to Daily, an initial delivery is triggered.  After receiving this initial delivery, you can then set it to Monthly or Weekly for on-going delivery of records if necessary.

PDF version. Also available in: français español 한국어 中文(简体) | 中文(繁體) 

PDF version. Also available in: français español 한국어 中文(简体) | 中文(繁體)

Manage WorldCat holdings

WorldCat holdings maintenance is available only to libraries with an OCLC Cataloging and Metadata Subscription.

  1. Navigate to Institution Settings > WorldCat Holdings.
  2. Establezca Mantener existencias en WorldCat en .

La configuración a nivel de colección para las colecciones de bases de conocimientos se activará por defecto. Para obtener instrucciones completas, consulte Configuración de la institución, existencias de WorldCat.

Download files

Download your files and records using My Files, located under the Metadata tab in the WorldShare interface. You do not need additional credentials to download records from the WorldShare interface.

See Download files in My Files for complete instructions or follow these basic steps:

  1. Sign in to the WorldShare interface and navigate to Metadata > My Files.
  2. Haga clic en Descargas.
  3. Use the options to filter the file list. Click Download to download your file.

Additionally, see  Download files with FTP for FTP/sFTP options for downloading files and records.