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Fulfill holds

Find information about checking in pulled items to fulfill hold requests in WorldShare Circulation.

After using the Pull List to retrieve items for holds, check in the items to fulfill the hold.

 Note: Holds are fulfilled for checked-out or In Transit items when the item is checked in at the pickup location. 

Check in pulled items to place them on hold 

  1. In the left panel, click Check In.
  2. Scan in the barcode (or type the barcode and click Check In).
  3. Depending on the Action column, follow the below steps:
    1. The Action column displays Hold
      1. The item's status changes to On Hold
      2. Hold receipt prints (if printer is connected)
      3. Item is removed from the Pull List
      4. Put hold receipt in item and put item on hold shelf.

         Note: If a hold request requires preparation or approval, an alert will display Circulation when an item is checked in at the pickup branch to fulfill that hold. The hold must be marked as Approved or Prepared prior to being checked out to the library user. Refer to Hold approval and preparation for more information.

    2. The Action column displays Reshelve
      1. Reshelve the item
        • The Action will be Reshelve if both these conditions are true:
          • Your library is one branch in a multi-branch library system
          • Another Branch has already filled the hold request.
    3. The Action column displays Send to
      1. The item's status changes to In Transit
      2. Put hold receipt in item and ship to the specified Pickup Location.

Watch a video

Fulfill holds

Run time: 6:32

In this video, you will learn how holds are fulfilled in WorldShare Circulation. It also explains the holds workflow and how to use the pull list for available items.


Special requests

A special request occurs when the library user wants a specific item, but there is not enough detail for Circulation to select a barcoded item to appear on the Pull List. 

Special requests are assigned to a system-generated item barcode beginning with g-$ and with display an unknown item message when searched for in Circulation.

There are two types of special requests:

  1. Special Requests placed in WorldCat Discovery
    • The library user has requested a bibliographic record and provided a public hold note so that library staff can fulfill the request appropriately.
    • Library staff are able to fulfill special requests using any item in the collection, even items held on a different bibliographic record.
    • Users can only create Special Requests from WorldCat Discovery's Special Request form. Refer to Place Hold/Request Buttons for more information.
  2. Unbarcoded item-level holds
    • The library user has requested a specific copy or volume when that copy or volume does not have a barcode assigned in WorldShare Circulation.
    • Library staff are able to fulfill unbarcoded item-level holds using any item in the collection as long as the selected item has the same holding and shelving location (Preferred Item Location) as the copy requested by the patron.
      • Library staff can see the requested item's location on the Pull List (Shelf Location) and in the patron's Hold queue (Branch/Shelf Location).
    • Users can only create these from WorldCat Discovery via the Specific Copy/Volume form.
      • There is no way to set up the WorldCat Discovery form to block requests for unbarcoded materials. Instead, a library can use Collection Type Policy or Hold Pickup Locations Map to block these holds as long as these unbarcoded materials have a distinct shelving location in WorldShare Circulation.

 Note: Special requests require special handling to appear on the Pull list. See Pull list for more information.

Check in special requests

In the left panel, click Check In.

  1. Enter the system-generated barcode and click Check In.
  2. On the Temporary Item (Special Request) window, click Edit to change the system-generated barcode.
  3. In the Temporary Barcode field, enter the barcode of the item that will fulfill the hold request.
    • The barcode entered needs to be in your library's holdings.
       Note: The Temporary Item's Shelving Location must match the Shelving Location of the requested item.
  4. Click Go.
  5. On the Confirm item for Hold Request window, click Yes to link the item to the hold request.
  6. Depending on your account, you may have to enter an override. To place the hold, on the Temporary Item window, click Acknowledge. See Circulation account roles, Overrides for more information.