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Create a print serial collection

WorldShare Management Services and WorldCat Discovery libraries create print serial knowledge base collections so patrons can find them alongside their electronic serial titles.

About adding print periodicals in your knowledge base

Represent your print serials in order to:

  • Add print titles to the link resolver to surface them alongside full-text resources in your A to Z list
    • Titles will not surface in WorldCat Discovery.
  • Optimize the discovery of full-text resources by using coverage to determine article holdings in WorldCat Discovery

How to create a collection of print serials

Gather information about your print titles

One option for doing this is to:

  1. Create a query collection for print materials using WorldCat Selection Criteria. Download a file of MARC records. For instructions, see Create a query collection.
  2. Use a third-party tool to extract data from the records to create a KBART file. For instructions, see Create a spreadsheet of your WorldCat holdings.

Another option is to collect a list of OCLC numbers for your items.

Create a print serials collection in Collection Manager

Follow the instructions to Create a knowledge base collection in Collection Manager.

Before you create your collection, please note:

  • When you create your collection, you will see a Sharing setting. Non-Customizable is selected by default. You must change the setting to Customizable in order to edit title-level data such as coverage information. This setting can only be set at the time of creation
  • The instructions include the option to create a collection using a list of OCLC numbers. Afterward, you must add your coverage information
  • If you would like to surface OPAC links for your print serials in the A to Z list:
    1. Navigate to the Linking tab in your collection.
    2. Select From WorldCat Registry for the OPAC Linking setting.
    3. The base URL configured in your WorldCat Registry profile will be used to link to your OPAC record for your print serial.  See Online Catalog for more information.
      •  Note: If you select Manual for OPAC Linking, you will need to provide a URL in the Title URL field of each print serial added to your collection.  See Add titles for more information

For more information about the A to Z list, see A - Z List and OCLC Link Resolver.

Enable the institution-level setting for coverage

After you create the collection, navigate in Collection Manager to Institution Settings > WorldCat Discovery > Coverage and enable the coverage settings. See Coverage for more information. 

 Caution: Do not enable the setting until after you have represented your print serial collections.