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Clone a query collection

The Clone Collection option allows you to quickly create a new collection based on an existing collection with similar settings.

Search for query collections 

Search for query collections that you have already created:

  1. Navigate to the search box in Collection Manager. Leave My Selected Collections selected.
  2. In the Search Term(s) field, enter the collection name or leave the field empty.
    1. If you leave the field empty, the search will return all of the collections your library has selected or created.
  3. Select Query Collections from the Filter by drop-down list.

Clone a collection 

Once you have located the collection you would like to clone:

  1. From the Collection Actions drop-down, select Clone Collection.
  2. A new collection is generated with the information from the original collection.
  3. Enter the desired changes to the cloned collection.  The following fields are required:
  • Collection Name 
  • Collection ID (system generated)
  • WorldCat Selection Criteria (carried over from original collection)
  1. Review the collection and make any other desired changes to the cloned collection-level settings.

  1. After making changes to the collection, select Save.
  2. A message appears stating the number of records your selection criteria returned. If the number of records meets your expectations, click Confirm.


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