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WorldShare Interlibrary Loan digest, 2023


WorldShare ILL digest, 2023

With your ideas and feedback, we introduced new features and enhancements in 2023 to help you better manage your ILL workflows. And, virtual events provided a way for ILL community members to stay connected and share information.

Highlights from 2023 

All features and events listed in this table are included with your WorldShare ILL subscription with no additional charge.

Highlight Resources*

Circulation integration

Save time by having the system automatically create temp items, place holds, and check items in/out.

For libraries with WMS, utilize the enhanced service for circulation integration to keep your circulation and ILL requests in sync

Off-system requesting

Enable an off-system lending form and take advantage of workflow improvements.


Email the document to the library user

Request automatically marked as complete when item marked as Returned

Automatically expire borrowing requests sent to partners

Utilize improvements to Days To Respond and printouts

See full list

Workflows and processes

Save time by more easily processing requests and viewing the data you need.


See dates adjusted for your library's time zone and locale

Maintain patron data on requests for up to 7 years

See full list

Library user experience

Receive user requests in WorldShare ILL without having to rekey them.


Allow library users to place requests via the new WorldShare ILL form

Express digital delivery program

Share digital resources among a select group of libraries committed to average turnaround times of 18 hours or less.


More than 1 million copy requests filled by libraries in the Express digital delivery program 


Learn more about qualifying for the Express program at at

OCLC's profiled groups

Utilize the new FILM and OSUS groups and the updated LVIS program to save time and control ILL costs. 


Happy New Year! Introducing FILM, upcoming events, and more!

Attn US libraries: Use new profiled group OSUS to deflect physical loan requests from outside the US

Updates to the Libraries Interested in Sharing (LVIS) program


OCLC's profiled groups

Resource Sharing Request API

Customize workflows and interfaces for creating, searching, and retrieving requests.


OCLC Developer Network: Resource Sharing Request API

Product Insights: OCLC APIs, October 2023 (15:00 time stamp)

New OCLC Community Center

Launched in August, the new Community Center helps you to better connect with community peers, collaborate, ask questions, gain insight, and share ideas to improve products.


Welcome to the new OCLC Community Center

Learn about the latest news and enhancements on the Community welcome page

Key events and educational opportunities

Update your knowledge and skills with community events and training sessions.


ILL 101 online sessions provided by IDS Project (four 1-hour recordings)

RSC23 web series (six 1-hour recordings)

Northwest ILL & Resource Sharing Conference

Product Insights: Resource Sharing


Colorado Resource Sharing Preconference: Improve your user's experience with the new and the new WorldShare ILL request form (PDF)


WorldShare ILL training

Live classes

*Event recordings and discussion posts require sign-in to the OCLC Community Center.

Full digest of new features and enhancements 

Improving your library users' experience 

Enhancement Release date

Allow library users to place requests via the new WorldShare ILL form

  • Customize the WorldShare ILL request form to meet your library's needs
  • Utilize an authentication method already in use at your library (e.g., OCLC/WMS identity management, IP)
  • Provide access to the form from any discovery service (e.g., WorldCat Discovery, EBSCO Discovery Service, Ex Libris Primo)
  • Receive and process requests in WorldShare ILL – without having to rekey them
  • Automatically route requests submitted via the form to the automated request manager
May 2023

Compartir recursos para grupos 

All features and enhancements listed in this table are included with OCLC's Resource Sharing for Groups, a modern consortial borrowing solution that expedites delivery for library users.

Enhancement Release date
Improve fill rates and speed in-group fulfillment with enhanced requestability March 2023
Create group-level interlibrary loan reports in Analytics June 2023
See local holdings information from enhanced requestability December 2023

Important links 

Cumplimiento inteligente 

Set dynamic, data-driven processes in motion to achieve faster turnaround times and improve your library users' experience. Read how several OCLC ILL community members benefit from Smart fulfillment in action.

Learn more at Smart fullfillment and

WorldShare ILL training

OCLC offers free training sessions, included with your WorldShare ILL subscription. Whether you are new to using WorldShare ILL or just need a refresher, we encourage you to participate in Live classes:

  • Introduction to WorldShare Interlibrary Loan
  • WorldShare Interlibrary Loan: Borrowing
  • WorldShare Interlibrary Loan: Lending

ILLiad support, training, and community

Atlas Systems offers ILLiad users a wide variety of support options. Have a question? Visit

  • UserVoice - help decide the future features for ILLiad
  • ILLiad best practices community
  • Video training library and live online training
  • Addons directory, knowledge base, and support articles

OCLC Resource Sharing Conference (RSC23) web series

OCLC invites you to view the recordings from the 2023 OCLC Resource Sharing Conference web series. Recordings and slides are available in the OCLC Community Center.

Centro comunitario de OCLC 

The OCLC Community Center offers opportunities to:

  • Connect with community peers
  • Collaborate, ask questions, and gain insights
  • Contribute and share ideas to improve products
  • Stay on top of and discuss OCLC announcements

The WorldShare ILL product community and the Resource Sharing knowledge community provide DiscussionsNews, Events, and Recordings for the ILL community members.

OCLC Research: SHARES 

As institutions evolve toward a notion of “collective collections,” resource sharing partnerships that expand access to collections are of primary importance. SHARES, the resource sharing consortium of the OCLC Research Library Partnership, unites trusted partners that provide low-cost access to their diverse collections. SHARES also supports resource sharing innovation and best practices.

For the latest activities, see SHARES.

OCLC support sites 

Support information for this product and related products can be found at: