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Browser compatibility chart

Find browser compatibility information for your OCLC products and services.

The information below is subject to change. For more information, contact OCLC Support .

 Note: OCLC no longer supports IE. Some features in IE 11 will continue to work; however, breaking changes will not be fixed. Contact OCLC Support as soon as possible if this poses any concern to your institution.

Aplicación Edge* Version of IE Chrome* FireFox* Safari*
FirstSearch    7 or higher Y Y Y
ILLiad   7 or higher (Patron)      
Relais ILL and D2D Y   Y Y Y
Tipasa** Y   Y Y  
WebDewey   7 Y Y Y Y   Y Y Y
WorldCat Discovery** Y   Y*** Y*** Y
Evaluación de la colección de WorldShare Y   Y Y Y
Administrador de colecciones de WorldShare  Y   Y Y Y
Administrador de registros de WorldShare Y   Y Y Y
WorldShare ILL  Y   Y Y  
WorldShare Acquisitions, Circulation**, License Manager, and Analytics Y   Y Y**** Y*****

*Current version unless otherwise noted

**Preferred browsers for My Account are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

***WorldCat Discovery does not allow for search results to be embedded in an iframe for security purposes

****Firefox is the preferred browser

*****Only supported on Mac OS X