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Why didn't my KBART load? I’m using an Excel file.

  • Collection history shows invalid records after attempting to upload KBART.

Applies to
  • Administrador de colecciones de WorldShare

While Excel is useful in many ways, it often changes the integrity of the data.

Some examples of how MS Excel changes data include: 

  • rounds/truncates decimal points
  • changes extremely long digits integers to scientific notation
  • removes leading zeros from digit strings
  • changes date formats
  • changes encoding on special characters
  • changes strings like "01-01" to "1-Jan"


If you choose to use MS Excel, we recommend that you copy data from a second text editor application into a new text-formatted MS Excel workbook. Please see instructions below. 

  • Open new blank workbook in MS Excel
  • Select all cells in new MS Excel workbook
  • Format all cells as "text" in MS Excel workbook
  • Open KBART file in 2nd Text Editor application (e.g. Notepad++, TextEdit)
  • Select all and copy data from KBART file in 2nd Text Editor application
  • Paste the data into blank workbook in MS Excel from step 1.
  • Make needed adjustments to KBART file (remove titles, change coverage, etc)
  • Save file in appropriate encoding level (e.g. UTF-8, UTF-16)
  • Upload KBART file in WorldShare Collection Manager within the Titles accordion
Additional information

For additional information about KBART files, please see KBART values and formatting.

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