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I got a request for an item that I own but the OCLC number doesn't match my holding

Applies to
  • WorldShare ILL
  • Tipasa

If you get a request for an item that is in your collection, but the ILL request refers to a different OCLC number (OCN) from the one in your holdings, it is usually a human mistake that caused this.

If a request was initiated by a patron using the Discovery of the Borrowing library and the request was then reviewed by a librarian, changes may have been made. For example, when the Borrowing library sees that the item is available within their own country, they might manually create the lender string based on that information. If they do not also change the OCN, this can be confusing for the Lending library.

When this happens, and you want to supply, answer the request as Conditional and let the Borrowing library know they need to change the OCN to the one you have a holding on. After that, you can supply.

If the requests are for electronic holdings and your library is mapping titles from an alternate knowledge base supplier, please request a current file from the provider and then upload that to WorldShare and contact OCLC Support.


Additional information

If this doesn't answer your question or doesn't apply to your specific ILL request, please contact OCLC Support.

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