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Work queue

The Work Queue gives you a quick view of all your active requests, both as borrower and as lender. It is the main tool within NRE/VDX for managing your requests.

To access the Work Queue click the Work Queue button on the menu bar at the left of the screen.

Or, if you are in the Requests domain from the link at the top of the screen:

The Work Queue screen will be displayed:

 Note: The Work Queue is customizable, so your work queue may not look exactly like the one shown here.

Requests are grouped by their status.

The Borrower column displays requests which you or your patrons have requested from other libraries. For example, here you can see requests that are waiting to be authorized and sent to potential lenders, (Idle, Auth Manual), requests that need staff attention before being sent out (Idle, Check Manual), requests that are at a responder location, (Pending), items that have been shipped to you (Shipped),

items you have borrowed which have passed their due date (Overdue). The Borrower column also indicates supporting reports that are ready for printing.

The Lender column displays requests for items in your collection made by other libraries. The number in the Count column is the sum of requests for each status.

You can click the Count number or the Status to display the set of requests.