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Búsqueda de solicitudes

Explains standard and advanced ILL request searches. Articles include information about actions, statuses, work queue, and more.
  • NRE/VDX Actions and Statuses
    A brief description of what happens to a request's status when the request is place or an action is taken.
  • Work queue
    A brief overview of the Work Queue and how to access it.
  • Standard ILL request search
    See how to use simple search options to locate ILL requests. This article includes detailed information about keyword searching.
  • Advanced ILL request search
    Refine your searches with the Advanced ILL Request Search. See how to narrow the scope of your search by role, status, last action, format, and more.
  • Published saved ILL request searches
    How to publish saved ILL request searches so that other staff in your institution can use them to find ILL requests.
  • Request details
    Explanation of ILL request record sections