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NRE/VDX Actions and Statuses

 Note: NRE/VDX does not support multiple windows/tabs within a browser. If you must have another window open, then you will need to use another browser.

NRE/VDX monitors the database continuously to identify requests and actions requiring processing. When a request is placed or another action performed on a request, the status of this request will change.

Actions taken on a request change the ILL Status of the request. Actions are determined by the responder’s method of communication with NRE/VDX (Internal ILL, Email or ISO-ILL) and the current status of the request.

The status of a request defines its current position in the request lifecycle. For example, a new request is set at Idle status before the action of Request is performed to change the request to Pending status and send it to the first responder on the rota. Once the Received action is taken on a request, its status will change to Received.

It can take a few minutes for a change of status to take effect in NRE/VDX, so be patient if a request’s status does not appear to update immediately.

There are 3 ways to search for ILL requests to manage.

Each method is described in this guide. Click the links above to open each topic.