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With the current web pages, my library handles patron authentication outside Relais, is this approach still available with the Relais Portal?

Applies to
  • Relais ILL

The authentication process that you use now can continue to be used in the Relais Portal. You can pass over into the Relais Portal pages an OpenURL that contains information to identify the patron. The following tags are supported in the OpenURL.

  • PI (or id)= Patron ID
  • PS (or surname) = Patron Surname
  • UL = User Login (as assigned in Relais)
  • UP = User Password (as assigned in Relais)
  • RK = record key
  • authzid = an authorization id obtained from the Relais authentication service (this is a new option)
  • PL = preferred language

The PI, PS, UL, UP and RK can be encrypted. Please contact OCLC Support for additional information.

As well as the tags with patron information:

  • LS = Library Symbol must be provided
  • group = patron is optional (If external authentication is being done for staff or for other libraries then group = staff / library is mandatory)


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