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Configure scanner for Windows 7

Learn how to configure a scanner for Windows 7 and Relais ILL.

The Kofax software used with scanners in Relais is no longer supported in Windows7. When your scanner workstation is upgraded to Windows 7 you will be required to reconfigure your scanner workstation to use its twain driver and ensure your desktop shortcut points to the Scanner7.exe.The Scanner7 application has been distributed with Relais since V2010.

The following steps walk you through this reconfiguration on each workstation.

  1. Install the most recent twain driver for your scanner.

     Note:  Although scanners often come with an existing setup DVD, it is recommended that customers download the needed twain driver directly from the manufacturer's website. This will ensure that the latest version of the twain driver is installed on the scanner workstation.

  2. In your Relais.ini, manually replace the scanner settings for the [Scanner] instance with the defaults listed below.

    Relais.ini Default Scanner Section

    Setting0=Copy Quality
    Setting3=Gray Scale
    AddDocumentRoot=<Relais Root>\Scanner\
    FileRoot=<Relais Root>\Scanner\

     Note: If you have multiple scanner instances already defined in your Relais.ini, e.g. [SCANNER - SCAN1], [SCANNER - SCAN2], replace the section for each instance with the default above.

    • Ensure that you update the <Relais Root> in each instance with the correct Path to your Relais installation.

  3. Launch Administer Settings to customize the Scanner configuration for each of your scanner instances.

  4. If you have multiple scanner instances ensure the Scanner7 shortcut exists on your workstation desktop and that it is calling the correct instance. On the icon right click and select Properties. At the end of the target line, add the scanner instance for the workstation, enclosed in double quotes.

    • e.g. C:\Relais\Scanner7.exe SCAN1

  5. Launch the scanner application and when you are prompted to Select Source, please select your twain driver. If your scanner supports image processing software, select the driver that references +SIPC from the list.

  6. You will be prompted to set up a default scanner profile.

    1. At the first prompt click Ok.

    2. Enter a name for your default profile and click Ok.

      If your scanner supports image processing software, you will be presented with the Image Processing Software Option Screen next.

      1. Click Setup Scan to adjust your Twain settings

      2. Adjust your Twain settings and click Ok.

      3. Once you have returned to the Image Processing Software Option Screen, click Ok.

  7. Your scanner reconfiguration is now complete. Your scanner profile is saved in C:\Windows\Scanner Profiles.