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Search for locations

Learn how to search for locations to fill a request in Relais ILL.


In Relais ILL the search for possible locations to fill a request (either from your own collection or from another library) is done using Search Auto and Search Manual.

Each instance of Search Auto and Search Manual specifies which catalogues are searched. In Search Manual, each of the catalogues displays in separate tabs in the Results Details area. For Search Auto, these are the selected catalogues that are searched automatically.

Add catalogues to search

  1. Login to Administer Settings.
  2. Go to the Application Settings tab.
  3. Open the Pre-Processing section.
  4. Highlight the instance of Search Auto / Search Manual to be configured.
  5. Click Edit Extended Settings.
  6. Click Catalogs.
  7. From the Catalogs drop-down box, select a catalog.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the order in which the catalogs display in the Search Manual tabs.
  10. Click Ok.

 Note: Each related instance of Search Auto and Search Manual must have catalogs in the same order to ensure Search Auto results display for the correct catalog tab when viewed within Search Manual. For example, if you have Search Auto - Requesting Articles configured to search your home library and AMICUS, then the same catalogs must be configured for Search Manual - Requesting, and in the same order. Note in Search Manual, it is possible to configure additional catalogs after the ones used in Search Auto, e.g., WorldCat.