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Open a request in Loan Tracking

Learn how to open a request using a request number or local number in Relais ILL.

Open a request in Loan Tracking

  1. Login to Loan Tracking (or open a request in Query and click Loan Tracking).
  2. Key in the Request Number.
  3. If the Request Number is not available, select Local Number from the drop-down box and enter the Local Number (the barcode number from the document that was entered at the time the book was loaned). See below for more details about using the Local Number to open a request in Loan Tracking.  
  4. The Request Number, Local Number, current Loan Status, and current Due Date display. 

Use Local Number to open requests

  • When using a local number to open a request in Loan Tracking only the open or current request is returned, i.e., documents that have not been returned/completed.
     Note: Prior to V2010.5 all requests for which a local number had been used were opened.
  • The Local Number can still be used in Query Request to retrieve all requests for which that number has been assigned.
  • If there are multiple open requests with the same Local Number a message displays:
  • Click Ok.
  • Login to Query Request, use Local Number to retrieve the request, and click Loan Tracking.