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Learn how to configure pickup locations in Relais ILL.

Configure pickup locations

Multiple pickup locations can be configured. The patron can select from this list of pickup locations when submitting a request. 

Add a pickup location

  1. Login to Table Maintenance.
  2. Select the Delivery/Messaging tab.
  3. Select the Pickup Locations tab.
  4. Enter the following information.
  5. Click Add.
Campo Characters Descripción
Code 1 This is a single-character code used to represent the pickup location in the Relais database. In addition to the 26 alphabet characters (A to Z), you can use the 10 numeric values (0-9) and special characters (typically there are 32 such characters on a keyboard that can be used).
Library Symbol 4 This is the library symbol defined for the library for whom you are adding a pickup location.
Código ILS 20 Only used when NCIP is enabled for circulation transactions. When the Accept Item message is sent to the local library system, the patron's pickup location is converted to a code used by the ILS.
Descripción 50 This is the description of the pickup location being created. This description displays in the Relais request form if the delivery type is pickup to allow users to select their pickup location. If only one pickup location is created for a library, that description shows up by default in the pickup location list.
Delivery Code 10 If you have delivery routes associated with specific pickup locations this field can be used to enter the code or a short description of the route. This field could then be added to the pickslip to print out the route to which material should be sent for pickup.