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Email attachment

Learn how to configure an email attachment for document delivery in Relais ILL.

Configure Delivery Email with attachment

For customers using the Relais Hosted Service contact OCLC Support and provide the following information:

  • Specify whether to include a coverpage, if yes specify whether to merge the coverpage with the document.

     Caution: It is recommended that the coverpage NOT be merged with the document. When the option to merge is turned on errors and problems are frequently encountered when attempting to deliver electronic documents that incorporate security. In these cases it is often not possible to merge the coverpage with the document. By default the Merge Coverpage option is set to No.

When using Delivery Email to deliver an attachment, the application is able to determine whether the recipient's email account will reject the email and attachment due to a size restriction in the email account. When this happens the request is moved to Delivery Failed (new in V2014).

Staff can review these requests in Delivery Failed and modify the Delivery Method and/or Delivery Address.