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WorldShare Record Manager Release Notes, October 2023


Release Date: October 19, 2023


This release of WorldShare Record Manager provides four new features and enhancements. These features will help you manage more complex workflows, including:

  • A new link "View in" was added to view the currently displayed bibliographic record in
  • Larger font sizes for label content are available when creating label templates under My Labels
  • The user preference for the call number duplicate check is now set to "disabled" per default 
  • The default value for the Encoding Level (LDR/17)  is now consistent for all create/derive workflows in the MARC21 editor

Many of these enhancements are the direct result of your feedback.

New features and enhancements

New link "View in" to view currently displayed bibliographic record in

A new link "View in" has been added to the Record menu for both bibliographic records and local holdings records that allow you to view the current record in

If you click on this link a new browser tab will open and show you the view of this record.

 Note: If you are using WorldCat Discovery and you have redirected the link for to your WorldCat Discovery instance by setting a parameter in Service Configuration, you will be brought to WorldCat Discovery when clicking the "View in" option in Record Manager.  More about how the redirect setting is documented here.


Larger font sizes for label content

You can now select larger font sizes for label content to account for labels that need a larger font. The maximum font size was 14 previously and now it has been increased to a maximum of 72.

Expand the dropdown in the "Size" column for label content settings and select the desired font size.



User preference for the call number duplicate check is set to "disabled" per default

The user preference for enabling a call number duplicate check was previously enabled by default. You were able to disable it in the case that you don't want your call numbers checked for duplicates. The preference for this is located in the Record Manager User Preferences (see below), which in some cases caused issues for users who don't have access to the preferences, for example because they only work in WorldShare Acquisitions or Circulation.

This user preference is now disabled per default for new users and can be enabled if needed. Please note that the user preference for existing users is not being changed.


Default value for Encoding Level (LDR/17)  is now consistent for all create/derive workflows in the MARC21 editor

The default value for the Encoding Level field (LDR717) is now set to the "fill character" per default for all create/derive workflows in the bibliographic MARC21 editor. You now have to consciously choose the appropriate Encoding Level when you're deriving or adding a new bibliographic record.

Previously when deriving a record the encoding level value was copied from the original record and led to occasional validation errors if the encoding level was no longer valid or appropriate.  Now the LDR/17 value is prepopulated with the fill character and you have to select the appropriate encoding level before adding or replacing the bibliographic record.

Please note that the default encoding level for records derived or added from the bibliographic text-view editor is set to 7 (minimal level). If you wish to update the encoding level for a record added through the text-view editor you need to change to the MARC21 view and adjust it there  (Record menu > Change display to MARC21 View). 

Important links

Post-release sessions

To help you become familiar with the new features, the following pre-recorded video is available: Record Manager Release Overview Session, 19 October 2023. It's also available in the Community Center.

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