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Set WorldCat holdings on MARC 21 bibliographic records

Discover how to set WorldCat holdings on MARC 21 bibliographic records from the MARC 21 editor in WorldShare Record Manager.

When you set a WorldCat holding on a MARC 21 bibliographic record, you are adding your library's OCLC institution symbol to a bibliographic record and specifying that you own an item that is represented by the record. After setting a WorldCat holding, other users can see on WorldCat that the item is in your collection.

Set WorldCat holdings for a MARC 21 bibliographic record so that you can:

  • Maintain your WorldCat holdings in WorldCat and archive records at OCLC
  • Associate the record with your library; for example, because you have added the record to a local catalog
  1. From the MARC 21 editor, click Record.
  2. From the Record drop-down menu, select Set from the WorldCat Holding flyout menu. The system sets a WorldCat holding on the record.
  3. Optional. Validate the record. After the record has been validated, your institution's OCLC symbol is associated with the record and appears at the top of the record.