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Why are New Records showing as NONDELIVERY in Usage Statistics record reports?

  • I enabled a new collection in Collection Manager.
  • I expected to get MARC records. Instead I got a report that says "NONDELIVERY" for each title.
  • No MARC records are available for download.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

Items not delivered from WorldShare Collection Manager as New records will appear in records reports with the word NONDELIVERY in the Records not delivered column. These are labeled as NONDELIVERY because they had the collection setting set under "Record Delivery" to "Include records already in WorldCat". Because this was set to not include records already held, the report told them which ones would not be delivered.
These records are no longer considered new, so there is no way for them to have them be redelivered other than having a full set of records be delivered.  This setting can be changed inside the collection level settings in WorldShare Collection Manager. 

  1. Once inside the collection click >Holdings and MARC Records
  2. Verify that Maintain WorldCat Holdings has been selected and click the Record Delivery tab
  3. Under Record Output click the box next to the setting Include records already in WorldCat
Additional information

See more information about collection level Record Delivery settings in WorldShare Collection Manager.

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