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What causes a 404 not found error and how do I fix it

  • 404 not found errors can be caused by a broken link but also may be due to missing Provider Settings within OCLC WorldShare Collection Manager Institution Settings, and you'll want to confirm those settings.  If the issue is a broken link or you have questions about the provider/institution settings, contact OCLC Support for assistance, including links, and screenshots (full screenshots preferred).
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager
    • WorldCat knowledge base
  • WorldCat Discovery

To access Provider Settings

  1. Log in to your WorldShare instance

  2. Choose Collection Manager

  3. Choose Institution Settings

  4. Choose Provider Settings

  5. Choose the provider from the drop-down menu

  6. Enter Provider ID information in the box provided for the selected provider; the provider must supply this information to you as OCLC does not have it.

  7. Click the blue Save button near the upper left to save any changes before stepping off of this page

Institution settings, Provider Settings

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