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What can cause WorldCat Cataloging Partners to not output labels

  • I expected to receive labels for records output as part of WorldCat Cataloging Partners (WCP)
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager
    • WorldCat Cataloging Partners (WCP)

The information below explains how and when OCLC outputs labels for WCP records

  • OCLC matches the vendor data to a WorldCat record. 
    • If no record is available in WorldCat or the library holdings are already set on the record in WorldCat then: 
      • Collection can be set to deliver PDR records 
      • PDR records do not have call numbers by default. 
      • This results in no label being sent
  • OCLC looks in the WorldCat record for a call number that matches the scheme specified by the library as preferred

    • Scenarios where a label is not sent.

      • If the call number is not in the record then no label is sent.

      • If the call number is not complete (has a subfield $a and $b)

      • If the call number is not in the field in which the member set the collection to look for it. 

Additional information

Cataloging Partners uses a Guidelines for call number selection when selecting call numbers for MARC delivery. 

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