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How can I create a report for our held government documents?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 

There are 4 material types that make up government document collections.  The types include: International government publication , Local government publication, National government publication, and State or province publication.

To see a search result list of each type of government document, please log into WorldShare Record Manager or WorldCat Discovery and run each of the 4 queries below: 

International government publication
li:(library symbol) AND mt:igp

Local government publication
li:(library symbol) AND mt:lgp

National government publication
li:(library symbol) AND mt:ngp

State or province publication
li:(library symbol) AND mt:sgp

Once you determine which of the material types you desire, you can create a query collection. If you desire all 4 types, that is okay too, just use:

li:(library symbol) AND mt:gpb

The selection criteria used to create a query collection of government documents will be based on the search logic above. Just enter the values into the WorldCat selection criteria portion of the query collection set up.

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