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Can I submit a format change to the global coop with a KBART file

  • Format incorrect in a global collection and was corrected by uploading a KBART file with the corrected format via the COOP feature but the change was not retained.
Applies to
  • WorldCat Collection Manager

When a title is listed in a collection but has the wrong format, can I change that format by uploading a KBART file with the correct format listed via the Coop process?


A title's format is not a field that can be successfully changed through the cooperative process.  While uploading a KBART with a corrected format for the title likely would initially change the format at the time of approval (see information at the link below), with the next update to that collection, it would have been changed back at the global level to the format the provider uses to describes the item.

When viewing a title in Collection Manager, the "Format" field is greyed out, to indicate that it is not changeable.  While uploading a KBART file gets around the greyed-out field, this is only permanent at the local level, and not at a global level. For your reference, the fields that can be changed through the cooperative are listed.

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