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OCLC control numbers and data sync records

Find out how OCLC control numbers are used for matching in data sync processing.
  • If your records have the OCLC control number with the (OCoLC) prefix, it will be used for matching. See OCLC number locations below.
  • If your records contain no OCLC numbers at all, data sync will use other elements in your records to select a match.

 Note: If you ordered your own records returned with OCLC control numbers merged into the records (in the OCLC Number Location(s) field [Bibliographic Record Information accordion > System tab]), the control number will appear in the field 035 $a.

Bibliographic collections

After you create a bibliographic collection, go to the Bibliographic Record Information accordion. Under the System tab, you can select one of these locations for the OCLC number:

  • 001
  • 035 $a
  • Other (you select the tag and subfield)
  • None

Local holdings records and Delete local holdings records collections

After you create a local holdings records or delete local holdings records collection, go to the Local Holdings Information accordion. Under the MFHD tab, you can select one of these locations for the OCLC number:

  • 004
  • 014 $a
  • 035 $a