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Branch-level scoping

Find out how to implement branch-level scoping for data sync collections in WorldShare Collection Manager.

Implement branch-level scoping

To implement branch-level scoping, contact OCLC Support to set up and complete branch-level scoping.

Limit searches by branch location

Local holdings records (LHRs) and branch-level scoping

To support branch-level scoping, there are two types of data sync collection for adding LHRs to WorldCat.

  • Order a local holdings records collection for local holdings records.

To support branch-level scoping, you will need to add or update local holdings records with the most current local holding codes for your library.

OCLC LHRs are separate holdings records attached to a related WorldCat bibliographic record that provide holdings details for your library beyond the presence of your OCLC institution symbol in the bibliographic record to indicate a holding. Individual LHRs report holdings information for a single copy of an item. An institution may have one or many LHRs for any given bibliographic record in WorldCat.

OCLC LHRs are based on the MARC21 Format for Holdings Data (MFHD). OCLC LHRs can be represented at Levels of Specificity 2 or above as defined by the Holdings Statements for Bibliographic Items (ANSI/NISO Z39-71).

The specific data element in LHRs that enables branch-level scoping is the unique four-character holding library code located in field 852 $b. A holding library code identifies a holding library or collection associated with your OCLC institution symbol.

If you need a list of your current holding library codes, or you need to add new holding library codes or change existing codes, send an email request to Holding library codes must be four alphanumeric characters in the ranges A-Z and 2-9 only.

Local holdings records collections