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Export a benchmark comparison

Discover how to export a benchmark comparison in WorldShare Collection Evaluation.

A message window opens that states that the comparison export has been requested using the filters you provided and that it will be available in your My Files repository in approximately two hours.

  1. Select an export option from the Title List drop-down list.
    • Mine Only - only the titles on which your library has WorldCat holdings set and no other libraries in the comparison have WorldCat holdings set
    • Held All - the titles for which all of the institutions in the comparison, including your institution, have WorldCat holdings set
    • Not Held - only titles on which your institution does not have WorldCat holdings set; however, the other institutions in the comparison do have WorldCat holdings set
  2. (Optional) Click Preview Export to preview the first 100 lines of the export file. Click OK to close the Export Preview window.
  3. Click Export Titles.
  4. Enter a name and description for the exported file.
  5. Click OK.

Note about circulation data for WMS customers

In Unique/shared title list exports, Local Call Number and Location are specific to each item associated with a title while Number of Circulations and Last Circulated Date are specific to a title (OCLC Number). Be aware that:

  • Number of Circulations reflects the circulation activity of all items associated with a title.
  • Last Circulated Date reflects the circulation activity of all items associated with the title.


If you have three distinct copies of the same title (Copies A, B, and C) and Copy A circulated one time, Copy B circulated 5 times, and Copy C circulated three times, then the value of Number of Circulations will be 9 for all three item entries in the export.

Collection Evaluation title items example