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Create a benchmark comparison

Discover how to create a benchmark comparison in WorldShare Collection Evaluation.

You can benchmark all comparisons except for the My Library comparison.

 Note: To move a subject, select the subject and then click the right arrow. You can expand the subject categories to view additional subjects.

  1. Find the name of the comparison that you want to benchmark in the My active comparisons table.
  2. In the Comparison Types column, click Benchmarking.
  3. Move one or more subjects from the Available Subjects selection box to the Selected Subjects selection box.
  4. Click Create Chart.
  5. (Optional) Select one or more limits, click Apply, and then click Refresh Chart.
  6. (Optional) Click View Data to open a table that provides the analysis data in spreadsheet format.
  7. (Optional) Click Save Image to save a copy of the chart as a PNG file.