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Known issues

This page lists known issues in the WorldShare Acquisitions application. Availability dates are subject to change.

Please see the OCLC System Status Dashboard for active issues.

Current issues

Issue Details

Change resource for multiple order items when some of the items are withdrawn

If you are changing the resource for multiple order items at one time and one of the items has a withdrawn copy, the resource may not change for all the items.  We will investigate this problem and consider it for a future release.

Identified: March 2023

Change resource for multiple order items does not work when using a KB resource

While you can successfully change a resource from a WorldCat resource to a KB resource when changing only a single order item, there is a problem when changing the resource for multiple order items from a WorldCat resource to a KB resource or from one KB resource to another KB resource.  In these cases, the system will report that the resources were changed successfully, but the resource of the order items will not be changed.  We will investigate this problem and consider it for a future release.

Identified: March 2023

Fixed issues


Fixed issues - Table
Issue Fix date

WMS Accounting System Invoice Connector not returning Fund Name, Fund Code or Fund Number information

The invoice export functionality that is a part of the WMS Accounting System Invoice Connector is currently not returning fund information in the exported invoice file. We are actively investigating this problem for a potential out of cycle release. But, for now, it is recommended that you de-activate the invoice export job, so that it does not pick up any more files to export (thus marking them as “awaiting payment”). We also recommend that you look at any exports that you have already loaded into your campus accounting system to make sure that the fund information carried over to the accounting system. If they have not been loaded, you can either enter the data manually, or you can revert these invoices to “ready” status (after you have de-activated), and the invoice export job will pick them up again once it is back working again. We apologize for this problem and the inconvenience it causes, and again, we are working to resolve as soon as possible.


Error message "The specified copy item cannot be found" when adding items using Local Holdings Record (LHR) Text View Editor (also Copy/Items view editor in WorldShare Circulation and Acquisitions)

When adding a new item using the Local Holdings Record (LHR) Text View Editor in Record Manager (and also Copy/Items view editor in Circulation and Acquisitions), an error message "The specified copy item cannot be found" may appear temporarily for some users.


Cannot create first fund of new budget

Users cannot currently create the first fund of a new budget (without any funds).  This will be fixed with our next release (planned for January 5th), but if you need a fund created before then, contact and we can arrange to create one for you.


Cannot edit fund in non-English languages

If you attempt to edit a fund using a non-English language interface, the system will not let you save your update to the fund. This affects all non-English language users of the budget page. We are working on fixing this bug, and we hope to have it fixed in the next release. In the meantime, if you change your language to English temporarily, edit the fund, and then change your language back, this should allow you to save changes to a fund. (To change the language, go up to the top-right of the screen and use the dropdown to select a new language.)


Serials issue management not working when opening from Circulation first

If you attempt to use the Issues screen for a serial title within Discover Items from the Circulation module, you may receive an error and not be able to receive, edit, or delete issues. We are currently investigating options for fixing this known issue. In the meantime, to work around this issue, please either:

Navigate to Acquisitions and search for the serial title in Discover Items. The Issues screen should work when using Discover Items within the Acquisitions module. Refresh the browser, click on the Acquisitions module and let it load, then go to Circulation and search Discover Items. By opening Acquisitions first, serials management within Circulation should now work.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


Sorting invoice items by budget/fund on invoice

Sorting invoice items by budget/fund on the invoice page does not work temporarily. This was causing bad data to display on this page and had to be disabled while a fix could be created. We are evaluating options now for fixing this problem.


Pay and mark as ready buttons not displaying on imported invoices

If you import an invoice into WMS, the resulting invoice will not have the Pay or Mark as Ready buttons on it. You have to make a change to the invoice and save it, and the buttons will appear. We will fix this in an upcoming release.


Inconsistent or missing results with Call Number Browse search

When using the Call Number Browse search in Record Manager, results may not be returned as expected. The search may return a list of 10 results instead of 20 results or results might be missing title information.  It may take longer than two minutes for newly added Local Holdings Records (LHRs) to appear in the Call Number Browse search results.

Workaround: If the results appear inconsistent, close the search tab and attempt your search again. If you are searching for a call number for a newly added LHR, attempt your search later.  

Matching sometimes not working when importing order data

Sometimes, when importing MARC order data without OCLC Numbers, the system will fail to match all the records in the file to WorldCat. In this case, it will give an “undeclared Java exception,” and none of the items will match. This happens intermittently with MARC order imports.

We are currently investigating this issue, but in the meantime, try the file again until it works.  

Notify vendor checkbox selected when placing orders even if there are no notification settings

Sometimes, when you place an order, the Notify vendor checkbox will be selected even if you have not set any notification settings for ordering for this vendor.

This problem should be fixed in the next release.

Workaround: To deselect the notify vendor checkbox:

  • Navigate to the vendor page under Acquisitions Settings and create a specific notification setting for action Ordering that specifies the delivery method of "Do not send."


  • Deselect the Notify vendor checkbox each time you place an order.


Receiving of serial issues blocked when new caption/853 is required

If you are receiving a serial issue that requires a new caption (for enumeration or chronology) in the 853 field of the Local Holding Record (LHR), the system will currently not allow you to receive the serial issue. This applies to all of the following screens/workflows:

  • Receiving serials issues via serials management
  • Receiving serial holdings for a copy/LHR in Discover Items
  • Adding a new 863 for a LHR in Record Manager
15 October 2022
First page of invoice items displays on second page of invoice

When attempting to to edit the second page of invoice items on an invoice, the first page of invoice items displays instead of the second page.

Workaround: Set your number of rows on the invoice item table to 50 to view all items from the invoice up to 50.

 Note: This workaround only works if you have 50 or fewer items on your invoice.

22 May 2020
External Invoice ID and External Order ID must be enabled for use by customer support

External Invoice ID and External Order ID must be enabled for use by customer support in order to be viewable in the UI. If you want these fields to show immediately in your user interface, please contact support to enable them. If there are not needed immediately, they will be turned on for everyone in a special upcoming release very soon.
22 May 2020
User can upload exchange rate for invoice even when invoice currency matches institution currency

Using the invoice payment import file, you can upload an exchange rate for invoices whose currency matches the currency of the institution. This results in a change to the overall expenditure of the invoice on the budget, but this is not reflected on the invoice screen, because the exchange rate is assumed to be equal to one. Once this problem is fixed, if you upload an exchange rate for an invoice whose currency matches the currency of the institution, the system will refuse to load that invoice. This fix will come in a special upcoming release very soon.
22 May 2020
Selections made for Language(s) of Cataloging and Source of Cataloging settings under Searching – Advanced within User Preferences are not applied on Advanced Search

Currently, when users go to User Preferences > Searching Advanced and update their Language of Cataloging and Source of Cataloging settings, the selections are not being applied within the Advanced Search dialog box.
23 November 2019
Title missing from display in Local Holdings Record Editor after removing a Shared Print Commitment

When using Remove Shared Print Commitment from the Record drop-down menu within the LHR Editor, the title that previously displayed in the LHR displays as No Title Supplied. Once the LHR is saved, the title will appear as expected.
24 August 2019
Dropdown for Location Indexes Missing in WorldShare Circulation or WorldShare Acquisitions under Local Holdings Records Search in Discover Items

When using the Location indexes under the Local Holdings Records search in Discover Items, the Branch and Shelving Location values will appear in the dropdown menu for selection in whichever module you access first and are blank in the module you access second. For example, if you access WorldShare Circulation first, you will have location values available in the dropdown menu when using the Local Holdings Records search but the locations will be blank when you try to use in WorldShare Acquisitions.
18 May 2019
Copy number does not display in list of LHRs

The 852 $t copy number no longer displays in the list of Local Holdings Records following a bibliographic record when the Working with Records > LHR Preference setting is enabled.
18 May 2019
Delete option missing for multipart and serial titles on Details screen

When attempting to delete a multipart or serial Local Holdings Record from the Details screen after clicking View/Edit, the Delete option is missing.
18 May 2019
Cannot change shelving location of placed order item

Changes to the shelving location of placed order items are currently not being saved. If you attempt to change the shelving location of an item on a placed order, the change will appear to be saved, but when you return to the order later, the order item will revert back to the original shelving location.

 Note: It is still possible to change the shelving location of items on open orders.

Requesting a Quote not working for Vendors without EDIFACT configured

When you attempt to request a quote for an order, an error message will display, reporting that EDIFACT is not configured for this vendor, even though EDIFACT is not the delivery method selected. This appears for all vendors that do not have EDIFACT sending of order messages configured.

Copy number in Acquisitions sometimes does not match copy number in Analytics

The copy number that appears on the Receive and Invoice screen may not match the copy number in Analytics. This only affects items where quantity is greater than 1 and only when you receive these copies in a different order than they are displayed in the interface. In these cases, however, the copy number in Acquisitions may not match the copy number in Analytics. For this case, consider the copy number in Analytics to be the authoritative copy number for the item in question.

30 January 2019

Receiving issues only possible after first opening Acquisitions

A user who wants to receive serial issues using Circulation must first open Acquisitions in order to view the Issues screen for a title.  If the user goes to Circulation (without opening Acquisitions first), searches for a serial title under Discover Items, clicks on the Title and then clicks on the Issues link (on the top-right), they will currently see a blank screen with no Receive Issues or Manage Issues tabs.  To view this page, they must first click on Acquisitions.


Rounding of invoice and order item totals to nearest dollar

Intermittent issue reported by only a handful of libraries.  Sometimes, the totals for invoice and order line items are rounded to the nearest dollar.  While the grand total of the invoice or order is correct, the individual items display only whole numbers without their decimal values.

When searching for barcodes, incorrect results may be returned  
Discover Items and Serials Issues Menus Not Displaying for Serials Users  
Order Item Template Not Showing Accurately  
Receiving Widget Not Showing When Adding Items to an Order of Type: Plan  
Number of Copies Ordered Shown In Discover Includes Received Copies  
Users Cannot Filter Outstanding Items by Vendor  
Users Cannot View Most Recent Issue on “Receive Issues” Page  
Invoice Date Incorrect When Imported Using EDIFACT Invoice Upload  
Cannot Update Requestor Field  
Cannot Notify Vendor of Serial Issue Claim  
Order renewals do not transfer branch and shelving location  
Changes to public vendor data are not being synchronized to or from non-US libraries  
Print labels screen appears above header  
Receiving items sometimes creates a second local holding record  
Acquisitions must be open before using "Add to Order" in Collection Manager  
KBART files cannot be downloaded in Collection Manager  
Users cannot notify a vendor of a serial issue claim  
Borrower category no longer displays on either the Pull List or the Clear Hold Shelf reports  
Cannot upload files in Acquisitions using Internet Explorer  
Only serial issues that have not been received by any library can be selected when a user clicks the Start Receiving button  
If no price is present in the 990 $b of an imported shelf-ready/invoice file, the price is set to 0.00