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Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the keyword word (kw:) index.

A keyword search can be used to find keyword searches, publication year, ISBN, geographic codes, map data, and all the information found in the Author, Title, Notes, and Subject indexes.

Word (kw:)


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Etiqueta kw:
Browse?  ---
  • kw:space and yr:2000-4
  • kw:space and kw:aeronautics
  • coffee or tea and house+
  • kw:space and yr:2000-4
  • kw:space and kw:aeronautics

Same fields and subfields as the following indexes:

In addition, indexes:

  • 008 Date 1
  • 034 b c d e f g z 3
  • 052 a b
  • 255 a b c d e
  • 647 a c d g v x-z
  • 662 a b c d f g h
Qualifier index? No
  • System uses as default index if you omit an index label from a search.
  • Supports non-Latin script searches.
  • For 052 a and b:
    • Subfield a is indexed separately.
    • Each subfield b combined with subfield a is indexed separately.
  • Indexes single word only, but you can combine more than one keyword search.
  • In Connexion, scan an index from the Command Line Search by entering the Scan command (sca), the index label with appropriate punctuation, and the term, and then clicking Search (example: sca kw:aeronautics). For more information, see Browse (scan an index).
  • In WorldShare and WorldCat Discovery, this index contains data from your local holdings records.