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Derived: Corporate/Conference Name

Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the Derived: Corporate/Conference Name word (cd:) index.

Word (cd:)


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To search for Harvard University:

  • cd:harv,uni,
  • =mcdo,air,^
  • 110 a b
  • 111 a n
  • 710 a b
  • 711 a n
Qualifier index? No ---
  • Derived parts of a corporate/conference name separated by commas in the following pattern: 431.
  • Leading equal sign (=) distinguishes this index from personal name index if you enter without a label. Use in conjunction with a comma (,) and circumflex (^).
  • For information about stopwords and derived indexes, see Derived searches.
  • Index label is optional if derived search is the first or only element of a full syntax search.