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Date of Sale (SCIPIO-specific)

Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the Date of Sale (SCIPIO-specific) word (ds:) index.

SCIPIO-specific indexes are limited to only SCIPIO records (042 includes scipio).

Word (ds:)


  Connexion FirstSearch and Collection Manager query collections WorldShare and WorldCat Discovery
Etiqueta ds:
Search? Yes (WorldCat Discovery only)
Browse?  ---
  • ds:01312017
  • ds:012017
  • ds:01312017-02142017
  • ds:012017-022017
  • ds:2016-2017
Fields/Subfields 033 a
Qualifier index? No
  • SCIPIO indexes are only available in FirstSearch from the SCIPIO database.
  • To search for a specific date, enter in the format mmddyyyy.
     Note: Also retrieves records with date of sale expressed as a range that includes the specific date.
  • To search for any day within a month, enter in the format mmyyyy.
  • To search for any date within a year, enter in the format yyyy.
     Note: The asterisk truncation symbol (*) tells the system to search for the specific year and retrieve all records for sale dates within that year.
  • To search for any date within two or more years, enter in the format yyyy-yyyy.
  • To search for any date within two or more known months, enter in the format mmyyyy-mmyyyy.
  • To search for any date within two or more known dates, enter in the format mmddyyyy-mmddyyyy.
  • In Connexion, scan an index from the Command Line Search by entering the Scan command (sca), the index label with appropriate punctuation, and the term, and then clicking Search (example: sca ds:01312017). For more information, see Browse (scan an index).