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Find the fields, subfields, notes, and product availability for the Call Number word (nu:) index.


  • This index retrieves bibliographic records by searching indexed data in your local holdings records (LHRs) for the call number entered. You can only retrieve data from your local holdings records with this index.
  • See the Call Number word (l5:) index for information on searching against local holdings records.

Word (nu:)

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Etiqueta --- nu: nu:
Search? ---
Browse? --- --- ---
Ejemplos --- nu:185.61* nu:ps3515.e37
Fields/Subfields --- 852 h i j k l m 852 h i j k l m
Qualifier index? --- No No
Notes --- Only available in Expert Search. For more information, see Index labels and examples of an expert search in WorldCat.
  • Enter all numbers and letters.
  • Include periods.
  • Omit all other punctuation.
  • Omit spaces within subfields, but add a space between subfields.