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Cargar archivos con SFTP

Find file naming requirements, directory folder locations, and  instructions for uploading files.

You may use an open-source SFTP client or LINUX command line to SFTP. If you need assistance with LINUX, please contact OCLC Support to receive SFTP credentials for your institution. 

There is no restriction on file size; however, internet connectivity and file size can impact how long it takes for a file to transfer.

Available data centers

The data center associated with your institution's account depends on the region in which you are located. You will receive your data center assignment along with your SFTP credentials.

 Note: You must always use your assigned data center.

All data centers Regional hostnames Port
Centro de datos de Estados Unidos 22
Centro Europeo de Datos 22
Centro de datos australiano 22
Centro de datos canadiense 22