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Why can't I select certain libraries as supplier for my request?

  • When trying to create a borrowing request, you get an error message saying "Some information is incorrect, please review and try again. Institution [symbol] is not a supplier"
  • Some or all libraries have a dash (-) in the Supplier column on the holdings screen instead of a "Yes"
Applies to
  • Tipasa
  • WorldShare ILL 

The holdings view page in a request will show all libraries that have a holding on the particular item that is being request. Only if they have updated their supplier status to "Yes", meaning they are a supplier for Tipasa and WorldShare ILL, will you be able to select them as a possible lender for your requested item.
If they have not updated this status, in the Supplier column a dash (-) will be presented. This means that they are currently not a supplier for Interlibrary Loan.

Additional information

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