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How to configure IFM for replacement cost billing for lost items

Applies to
  • WorldShare Interlibrary Loan  
  • Tipasa 

Follow these steps to configure IFM for a lost item:

  1. The lending library (the institution that owns the item) must contact the borrowing library (the institution whose patron lost the item) to discuss the replacement cost of the lost item.
  2. The borrowing library must create a new request. Under Borrowing information, check the box to Use ILL Fee Management (IFM) for payment and enter the agreed upon replacement cost in the Max Cost field. Make the lending library the only institution in the lender string, and send the request.
  3. The lending library must then respond to the new request. Under Lending Information, check the box to Use ILL Fee Management (IFM) and enter the replacement cost in the Lending Charges field. When the lending library accepts the request, it immediately receives the IFM charge.
  4. The borrowing library can then mark the new request as Received/Returned and then the lending library can close the request.
  5. The lending library can then mark the original lost item request as "Checked-in/Complete" which will close it.

Both institutions must have IFM services to accomplish this. If one of the institutions does not have IFM, the bill will have to be established outside of OCLC products between the institutions.


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