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Suppliers requiring use of their web form

Learn how to update the supplier record in Relais ILL.

When a library/supplier requires requests to be submitted via their web form, update the supplier record with:

  1. Request Format = Relais
  2. Request Method = Web Form
  3. Supplier Web Page = Enter the supplier's web address (new for V2014).
  4. Web Page Source = Enter the source of the URL (optional). This field could also be used to enter login information (new for V2014).

Supplier Registration window

When a supplier with Request Method = Web Form is next in the routing list, the request goes to Review Queue - Web Entry.  

  1. Open the request in the Review Queue.
  2. Click Supplier Web Page to open the supplier's web page (using the URL entered in Supplier Web Page).
  3. Copy and paste the information from the request to the supplier's form.
  4. Click Submit.

Review Queue "Web Form Entry" window

subito - Document Delivery Service - Login form window

When the item is supplied or a response received

  1. Open the request in Query.
  2. Update the request as appropriate.