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Relais Web services

Find information about Relais web services which are available for a number of Relais ILL features and functions.
  • Web services overview
    Find an overview of the Relais Discovery and Relais Portal web services.
  • Add Request
    Find information about the AddRequest service URL, JSON elements, and Request templates and examples.
  • Authentication
    Use this service to assign a unique authorization ID in Relais ILL.
  • DiscoverItem
    Find information about DiscoverItem in Relais ILL.
  • Find Item
    Find more information about the FindItem service which allows libraries to pass a known item search to Relais ILL and get back an indication of the requestability of the item within the partnership or consortium.
  • RequestItem
    Find information about the RequestItem service, which allows the library to submit a request into Relais ILL through the Discovery web services framework.
  • Request Query
    This service can be used to retrieve multiple requests submitted by patrons or other library as well as details of a request or to retrieve the details of a single request.
  • Sandbox
    Find information about using the Relais Sandbox for testing.
  • Search catalog
    Find information about using the SearchCatalog for testing and troubleshooting FindItem in Relais ILL.