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Relais Portal for patrons and other libraries

Patrons and other libraries can use the Relais Portal to add requests, check on the status of requests, edit their profile, and send a message to staff in Relais ILL.
  • Add requests
    Learn about the available request templates and how to configure them in the Relais Portal.
  • Contact staff
    Learn how to enable the Contact staff feature so patrons and other libraries can send messages to library staff.
  • Limit number of requests
    Find information about active and rolling request limits in Relais ILL.
  • Login for patrons and other libraries
    Find information about the Relais Portal Login page, which is used by patrons and other libraries to access Relais ILL features, such as entering requests and checking on the status of requests.
  • My Profile
    Find information about editing My Profile in the Relais Portal.
  • My Requests
    Find information about My Requests, including filters, column values, status values, and exporting requests.
  • Patron initiated scrub of personal data from Completed requests
    Find information about how patrons can use the Archive request history option to export their requests prior to removing their personal information before the request is archived.