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Receive and enter requests

Relais ILL supports multiple options for entering and receiving requests, both from your own patrons and from other libraries. Irrespective of which method is used to enter or receive requests, all requests follow the appropriate processing rules.

The method by which a request is received or entered is recorded in the request and can be seen in the audit history, on the pickslip and in Edit Request - Source.  

  • Entered by staff
    Learn how to use the Request Book and Request Article web forms to enter requests from patrons and other libraries.
  • Flat file using LoadRequest
    Learn how to use LoadRequest.exe to load a fixed length text file of request data in Relais ILL.
  • From DOCLINE
    Learn how to access and save new requests using the DOCLINE Acknowledge Receipt process for Relais ILL.
  • Pass to Relais
    Learn how requests from patrons are sent to Relais ILL via email using Pass to Relais.
  • Received from other libraries
    Requests and associated messages can be received automatically from other libraries via the ILL Message Handler in Relais ILL. The ILL Message Handler can support several formats: ISO ILL (ISO 10160/1) and Generic script (GSM).