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Patron types

Learn how to add, delete or modify Patron Types from the Code Tables screen in Relais ILL.

Each patron record can be assigned a Patron Type.  Patron Types can be used for statistical purposes, as well as in RequestFlow and other rules. Relais uses the patron type associated with the patron profile returned in an NCIP LookupUser message is assigned to the patron record. See Configuring NCIP, Patron profiling for more information.

You can add, update or delete Patron Types from the Code Tables screen in Table Maintenance.

Add a patron type


  1. Login to Table Maintenance.
  2. Select the Code Tables tab.
  3. Select the Patron Types table from the Code Table drop down menu.
  4. Add a code and description as described below.





    A single character code used to define a specific patron type.  

    • e.g. A, B, C, 0, 1, 2, 3 ~, !, @< #, $, %< ^, &, *, (, ), _, -, +, =, {
    Descripción 50 The description for the patron type.
  5. Click Add

Delete an existing patron type

  1. Select the code you want to delete from the list.
  2. Click Delete.

 Note: A patron cannot be deleted if it is already attached to a patron record.  See Patron records.  The following error message is displayed: An error has occurred while attempting to delete the record.  The Code is referenced by another table in the database.

Modify a code

 You can change the description for a patron type, even after it has been saved and attached to a patron record.  To edit a description:

  1. Select the code you want to update from the list.
  2. Edit by entering a different description.
  3. Click Update.