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Send overdue notices

Learn how to send overdue item notices in Relais ILL.

Overdue notices are handled by the Relais Loan Notices application which is programmed to send loan notices for items that have exceeded their due date by a defined period of time. That defined period of time is determined by the loan code for the patron record or library/supplier record associated with the request.

The Relais Loan Notices application is run once a day.

Loan Notices are sent to the requester as outlined below. Otherwise, a loan notice is printed.

Requesting institution submitted the request via Loan notice will be transmitted via
GSM GSM email through the ILL Message Handler
ISO ILL Message Handler
Manual input The messaging email address defined for the request
Relais web form The messaging email address defined for the request

When sending messages via email the Reply to and Sender addresses can be configured as follows: 

  1. Login to Administer Settings.
  2. Select the Application Settings tab.
  3. Navigate to Post-processing → Loan Notices.
  4. Click Edit Extended Settings.
    Extended Loan Notices Settings window
  5. Enter the SMTP Sender and SMTP Reply To address(es) to use.
  6. Haga clic en Actualizar.

 Note: For libraries in a shared system each library can configure their own Sender and Reply To addresses in Loan Notices.

See Automatic scheduling for information on scheduling Loan Notices to run automatically.