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Configure delivery to Odyssey

Learn how to configure document delivery Odyssey in Relais ILL.
  1. Allow the machine that runs the Delivery FTP  to communicate on TCP/IP port 7968. This is the standard port used by Odyssey.  
  2. Install the Odyssey schema.
    1. Download the latest Odyssey Schema from either the North American server or the Australian server. This is the most current schema from Atlas systems as of January 2014.
    2. Close all Relais applications.
    3. Unzip the Odyssey schema to a temporary folder.
    4. Move Odyssey.xsd from the temporary folder to the <Relais Root>.
  3. Login to Administer Settings
    1. Click the Application Settings tab.
    2. Open the Delivery section, and select Delivery FTP.
    3. Click on Edit Extended Settings.
    4. Next to the Odyssey Schema box, click Browse, browse to and select Odyssey.xsd.
      Extended Delivery FTP Settings window

 Note: No action is required by customers using the Relais Hosted Service.  Delivery FTP is configured to send to Odyssey on the Hosted Service.