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Create a WorldCat Entity from a bibliographic field

Learn how OCLC Meridian users with the appropriate roles assigned can create a new WorldCat Entity in WorldShare Record Manager.


OCLC Meridian users can create a new entity when creating or editing a bibliographic record in the MARC 21 bibliographic editor. To create new entities you must have an OCLC Meridian subscription and have one of the following roles assigned to your WorldShare account:

  • Entity Management Admin
  • Entity Management User

 The following entities can be created in Record Manager for these bibliographic fields:

MARC bibliographic field Entity type Entity subtype
100, 600, 700 Agent
  • Persona
  • Family
  • No subtype
110, 610, 700 Organization  
647 Evento  
651 Place
  • Administrative area
  • Landform
  • No subtype

For more information, see OCLC Meridian and OCLC Meridian roles.

Create a new WorldCat Entity from a MARC 21 bibliographic record

When creating a new WorldCat Entity, the appropriate entity type, and applicable entity subtype options will display based on the bibliographic field where the creation is initiated. For example, when creating an entity from the 100 field, the entity type will be set as Agent with entity subtype options available in the Entity subtype drop-down menu.

 Note: If needed, the Create WorldCat Entity window can be closed by clicking Cancel. If the window is closed before the Create and insert URI button is clicked, all data entered will be lost. 

  1. Click anywhere in a 100, 110, 600, 610, 647, 651, 700, or 710 field to select it.
  2. From the Edit drop-down menu, select Create WorldCat Entity.
    Right-click the selected field and select Create WorldCat Entity from the right-click menu.
  3. The Create WorldCat Entity dialog opens.
  4. Select the Language you are using to create the entity. See Language of entity for more information.
  5. In the Entity label text box, enter the name or title of the entity you are creating.

     Note: When entering a name, do not invert (e.g. use Renée Green instead of Green, Renée).

  6. Select the Entity subtype from the available options in the drop-down menu.
  7. (Optional) Select the Fictional entity checkbox if the entity you are creating only exists as an element of a narrative work.
  8. In the Description text box, type a brief general description of the entity you are creating.
  9. In the Aliases text box, enter any alternative aliases associated with the entity.
  10. Attach one or more Dates to the entity. Dates depend on the entity type and entity subtype selected. For each date added to the entity: 
    1. Select a date type option (e.g. Date of birth).
    2. Select a date format (Year, Year/Month, Year/Month/Day).
    3. Enter the date.
  11. (Optional) If you are creating a Place entity, you will have the option to add related places. Use the Related places drop-down menu to choose an applicable property, and search for a place using the text box.
  12. Click Create and insert URI.

     Note: If you attempt to create a WorldCat Entity that already potentially exists, an error message will alert you that you will need to continue creating the entity with OCLC Meridian.

After clicking Create and insert URI, the Create WorldCat Entity dialog closes and the identifier (URI) for the newly created entity is inserted into the bibliographic record. You can continue editing the new entity from OCLC Meridian. See Sign in to OCLC Meridian and Edit an entity.