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My collection is locked for re-indexing, can it be unlocked?

  • Status of Collection displays as "Collection titles are locked for indexing" for longer than 24 hours*
Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

Please contact OCLC Support and provide the following information related to your institution and the locked collection:

1. Your institution's OCLC symbol.

2. Your institution's WorldCat Registry ID (if known).

3.  Your institution's name.

4.  The collection name (such as Total Access Collection 2019 with Neurology Collection).

5.  The collection ID (such as  Ovid.lwwtacwn2019).

OCLC Support will contact you when your support request is received and when the collection is unlocked.


*Be sure to allow a buffer time between selecting and deselecting the same collection, especially for larger collections as this is a common cause of a collection being stuck in a locked mode. For smaller collections (less than 1,000 titles), this could be around ten minutes. For larger collections (more than 10,000 titles) it's advisable to allow an hour or more between selecting and deselecting or deselecting and reselecting collections.


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