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Data sync collection interface overview

Find an overview of the data sync collection interface in WorldShare Collection Manager.

Data sync interface overview

1.  Create a Collection

 Note: Before you create a new collection, search to ensure your institution has not created a data sync collection. Once a data sync collection is created, it cannot be deleted.

Click the Create a Collection button to create a new data sync collection. You will be prompted to select the type of collection (Data Sync Collection) you would like to create in Collection Manager and the type of data sync collection you would like to create.

Ver un vídeo

Introducción a las colecciones de sincronización de datos de WorldCat

Duración: 6:13

Este vídeo ofrece una breve introducción a las colecciones de sincronización de datos en WorldShare Collection Manager.



2.  Save button and Collection Actions menu

The Save button allows you to save the collection to gather more information or clarification as needed before it is submitted.

The Collection Actions drop-down menu contains the following options:

  • Clone Collection: Allows you to create a new data sync collection by cloning an existing data sync collection.
  • Make Default Collection: Allows you to set the collection as the default.
     Note: This button will only be enabled if you have multiple collections. If you only have one collection, it is automatically the default collection.
  • Submit Collection to OCLCAllows you to send the completed collection to OCLC for file processing.

3.  Accordions

Each data sync collection will contain the Properties, Comments, and Contact Information accordions. Other accordions (Bibliographic Records Information, Local Bibliographic Data, Local Holdings Records Information, and MARC Record Output) vary depending on collection type.

  Data sync collection
Accordion Bibliografía Registros de explotaciones locales Delete WorldCat Holdings Delete Local Holdings Records
Properties x x x x
Información del registro bibliográfico x     x
Local Bibliographic Data Information x      
Local Holdings Records Information   x   x
MARC Record Output Information x      
Comentarios x x x x
Información de contacto x x x x