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Why when I open a record in Connexion a blank 092 field is generated

Applies to
  • Connexion Client

The Connexion program will generate a blank 092 field in the record is there but not active until the information is added to it. This should not affect the record in any way. The extra field will go away if exported or re-format the record. 

Información complementaria

Print a DDC class number and add a Cutter number to a label

  • The Dewey Decimal Call Number appears in field 082 of a record if the Library of Congress or another library assigned one.
  • If your OCLC authorization number is set up to use the Dewey classification scheme, an empty field 092 (Locally Assigned Dewey Call Number) is inserted when you retrieve a record from WorldCat or the online bibliographic save the file.
  • When you take an action on the record (send a command to the system), such as Update or Validate, the client moves the data in 082 ‡a to the 092 fields.
  • To complete the Dewey call number, you can enter an item number (Cutter number) in 092 ‡b or use one of the OCLC Dewey Cutter macros provided with the client to determine a Cutter number and insert it in 092 ‡b automatically.
  • The OCLC Four-Figure Cutter Tables are revised and expanded versions of:
    • Cutter Three-Figure Author Table
    • Cutter-Sanborn Three-Figure Author Table

The expansion balances the distribution of main entries over the Cutter table entries and minimizes conflicts between similar names. The expanded OCLC Four-Figure Cutter Tables are compatible with the existing two-figure or three-figure schemes.

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