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Why should I install the Connexion client auto-fix?

Applies to
  • Connexion client 2.63

My Connexion client is experiencing one or more of the following issues

  • User Account Control (UAC) prompts for permission every time the client is started
  • I have a red X for network files in file manager
  • I can’t find shared network files or I must reconfigure them every time the client is opened
  • My configure paths are not sticking when the client is closed and re-opened
  • Mapped network drives do not show up in client's file manager
  • Third-party programs such as Macro Express or Auto Hotkey do not work with the client
  • Adding, editing or creating macros causes the client to shut down
  • Network printers are missing or unreachable in the client
  • You are getting an xpodll32 error

There are two solutions to the problems you're experiencing:

  1. If possible, reduce the user’s account to Standard User access.  Connexion client does not need admin privileges to run.
  2. If the account must remain as admin for compatibility with other software, then apply the auto-fix to resolve the problem.


After applying the auto-fix, click the OCLC Connexion client desktop icon.  It should start with no UAC intervention and the problem you were experiencing should be fixed.

Información complementaria

The auto-fix is application-specific.  That is, the current autofix is for OCLC Connexion client 2.63 only.  Once applied, you may uninstall and reinstall Connexion client 2.63 as often as you want without reapplying the fix.  However, if you uninstall client 2.63 and install a different version, that version would need its own auto-fix.

Why would I want to keep the downloaded auto-fix?
Once you've applied the fix, it's permanent, unless you uninstall it from Programs and Features.  The only time you would need to apply it again is under the following circumstances:

  • Due to some problem, your help desk images your hard drive back to a pre-fix state
  • Your hard drive crashes and your help desk gives you a new one with a fresh image that would not have the fix applied
  • You want to apply the auto-fix to a colleague's computer that is also running Connexion client 2.63


Do I have to have Connexion client 2.63 installed on a workstation before I apply the auto-fix?
No.  You may apply the fix to a workstation that does not have Connexion client 2.63 installed yet.

For additional information please visit Cataloging Software Downloads.

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