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100 or 700 field generates 'Field not controllable' error

  • When trying to control either a 100 or 700 field, receive a 'Field not controllable' error.
Applies to
  • Connexion client

OCLC only allows the controlling of headings in records that are coded as coming from a library that uses English as its language of cataloging.  That is, field 040, subfield $b, if present, must be coded as $b eng.  If $b has a language code in it other than English, (e.g., $b fre or $b ger), you are unable to control headings in that record and you get the error message the field is not controllable.

It's best in any case not to use such records, but rather to look for a different OCLC record for your resource that is coded as coming from an English-speaking library -- if no records with 040 $b eng currently exist for your resource, it's best to input an original record.  You could derive a new record from the non-English record if that would be useful as a start.

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