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Replacement Costs

Use this screen to set default replacement costs for material formats.

To access this screen, sign in Service Configuration, open the WMS Circulation left navigation, select Billing, and then select the Replacement Costs link.

Use this screen to set default replacements costs for material formats.

  • Refer to Long Overdue and Lost Policy to see when and how replacement cost is applied.
  • It is recommended that libraries add replacement costs for their most common material formats.
  • If an item does not have a cost listed in its local holding record (field 876 ‡c) or a replacement cost, then the system cannot assign a charge.

Replacement Cost fields:

  • Add/Delete (rightmost column): To add a row, click the Add button (Add button). To delete a row, click the Remove button (Remove button).
  • Material Format: Material format is defined in an item's WorldCat record. For more information, see Material Type Names and Codes to determine how the WorldCat record provides material format.
  • Replacement Cost: Amount of the replacement cost for the specific material type.

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Replacement Cost is used in: